The Story Of ElevateHER

ElevateHER exists because we want to help those in need, raise survivor voices, and be the net for those who have fallen through or at-risk of falling through the cracks of systemic pitfalls.

At ElevateHER we have helped women lead more healthy lifestyles by supporting their mental health, offering employment to women, creating workshops for women, and much more! We excel in aiding youth girls in their development through not only counseling or welcoming them into our centre, but also by our Girl Code program in which girls ages 9-11 are mentored by girls ages 16-18 and contains many exciting events like guest speakers, BIPOC influence, as well as a portion for parents of those who are part of Girl Code. 

Our Strengths

 ElevateHER Mental Health Support Services Canada provides many different forms of mental health aids, activities, services to those who identify as women and their prospective families. Some of the many strengths that our non-profit organization provides to women and youth girls are our “Girl Code” program, our counseling services that are approached in a client-centered fashion, our efforts in empowering other women, and our dedicated work ethic to make the world a better place for women by women.