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Become a Volunteer at ElevateHER Today!

All Volunteers will need to provide ElevateHER with a Criminal Background Check as  well as a Vulnerable Sector check.


Girl Code Volunteers:

Girl code addresses the issues surrounding the volatile life stage of girls (tran, genderqueer, gender non-binary, two-spirit or however they may identify) ages 9-13, so girls can feel accepted and worthwhile, as they emerge as vibrant, confident, young ladies. Participants will be able to discover their true potential and seek independence and identity as they build healthy relationships with their female-identifying mentors ages 16-19 through an intentional and comprehensive program, called Girl Code. 


Girl Code Volunteers will be aiding us at our main office in Truro, Nova Scotia.

Volunteers will be responsible for assisting in achieving program objectives through mentoring youth girls ages 9-11 during our Girl Code meetings, which occur every Monday and Wednesday from 6:00pm-8:00pm throughout the year. This could include making crafts and food with youth girls, discussions on systemic racism and gender based violence, confidence building activities, exploring cultural identities among many other interactive activities! 


The impact of being a volunteer for the Girl Code program is that you would be helping youth girls grow and discover their most authentic self, help them (as well as yourself) become more confident, learn new skills, make new friends, and help them realise what huge potential they have.


You, as a GC volunteer, will help change the lives of youth for the better and elevate young girls! You will also be entitled to our Mentoring Benefit Package, inclusive of:

  • Monthly Mentor Nights & Outings 

  • Monthly Self Care Packages

  • One-on-one support and coaching

  • Reference Letter 

  • Fitness Classes

  • Assistance with transportation funds

  • Continuous learning and certifications 

For more information, please contact Mary-Sarah at programs@elevateher.ca


Events, Programming, Workshops, and Fundraising Volunteers:


This group of volunteers will be aiding us at our main office and/or our outreach areas in Shelburne, Wolfville & Port Hawkesbury, NS. 


These volunteer roles will be in person, but  can also include remote work, or hybrid. Responsibilities include assisting with social media, program planning, research, fundraisers and workshops. 


The impact of being a volunteer will not only be contributing to and being part of a positive team environment, but your impact in this role will bring fresh ideas to ElevateHER, give ElevateHER staff a kind and helpful hand, help ElevateHER grow, and most importantly, you will help better the lives of youth girls and women identifying individuals! 


For more information, please contact Mary-Sarah at programs@elevateher.ca