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The Story Of ElevateHER

ElevateHER exists because we have a desire to help those in need, raise survivor voices, and be the net for those who have fallen through or at-risk of falling through the cracks of systemic pitfalls.

At ElevateHER we have helped individuals lead more authentic and healthier lifestyles by supporting their mental health using a variety of methodologies, tools and approaches. We excel in aiding youth in their development through not only counseling or welcoming them into our centre but also by our Girl Code program in which girls ages 9-11 are mentored by girls ages 16-18 and contains many exciting events like guest speakers, BIPOC influence, as well as a portion for parents of those who are part of Girl Code. Recently, we have created a program called Queer Code, where youth who may not necessarily identify as female, can experience the same safe spaces and mentorship component, with a Queer centered lens.


Here at ElevateHER Mental Health Support Services Canada, we are driven by a single goal; to do our part in making the world a better place for all. Our decision making process is informed by comprehensive empirical studies, participant and client feedback and guidance, and high quality data evaluation. We strive to build productive relationships and make a positive impact with all of our pursuits. 

We are a grass-roots organization and learning as we grow - our clients and participants are at the core of our program development and decision making processes. At ElevateHER, you are family. 

ElevateHER Mental Health Support Services Canada provides trauma-informed and survivor-led mental health supports and services to marginalized communities, inclusive of all ethnicities, socio-economic statuses, and gender identities (queer, trans, non-binary, two-spirit or however they may identify).

Using a person centered approach, our purpose is to empower individuals, regardless of their background, to discover their authentic selves and live a life of meaning and purpose, with opportunities to achieve ultimate happiness and a life free of poverty and systemic injustices that subject them to vulnerable situations. Together we can foster and advocate for positive community change, compassionate problem solving and further social justice for the generations to come.

Our Strengths

 ElevateHER Mental Health Support Services Canada provides many different forms of mental health aids, activities and support services to those ages 12+. Some of the many strengths that our non-profit organization provides is our “Girl Code” & "Queer Code" program, our counseling services that are approached in a client-centered fashion, our efforts in empowering those with lived experiences, and our dedicated work ethic to make the world a better place for all by furthering society from a person-centered lens.


We strive to be authentic, while exercising healthy boundaries. 

We realize that we are all human and take a humbling approach to working with the community. 

Authenticity is key to meeting people where they are at, and imperative to growth in both the helper and non-helper roles.

Synergistic Communication

We recognize that communication is a tool we use to express feelings, build relationships and deliver information. Communication, verbal, written, and non-verbal are used in a variety of platforms and situations, including social media.

We strive to foster synergistic communication skills and provide those to our community and partners to ensure efficiency, accuracy and holistic wrap around services. 


We recognize that Cultural identity is key to living a life of meaning and happiness. We value the presence of different cultures in our community and encourage contributions from every cultural group. 

By respecting and acknowledging the importance of different cultural perspectives, we create safe and inclusive environments for all. 

We place a high priority in incorporating cultural values in the healing processes and align individuals with cultural supports within their communities. 


Lifestyle is a reflection of our health practices, coping skills, core values and beliefs. It is also a reflection of past and present traumas, among many other core components. Here at ElevateHER, we dedicate ourselves to creating non-judgmental spaces and supports, accepting all lifestyle choices and meeting folks where they are at, as opposed to creating a lifestyle that they are not prepared nor ready for quite yet.

While we will always encourage healthy lifestyle choices, we understand that lifestyles are determined by many underlying issues and that we all have different ways of living - none of those are right or wrong.  

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