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Our Programs

See below for a list of programs offered by ElevateHER at our Truro Program Centre location. 

 Please note this is not an exhaustive list, but highlights our most prominent programs and projects.

For our current Truro & Shelburne Offices programming, check out our calendars HERE.

Note that outreach areas (Wolfville & Sydney) advertise programs and workshops as they arise

Girl Code

Every Monday 6-8

A program for female and Gender-Queer identifying individuals ages 11-13 who meet weekly to hang out and do fun activities like, movie nights, trips to The RECC, self-exploration, guest speakers and more.

Also recruiting for mentors ages 15-18!


A program for those who identify as female with barriers to achieving employment will learn employability skills and increase self esteem by hand making bath and body care products, jewelry, clothing and accessories and selling at local markets. Proceeds will be used to sustain the program and a wage subsidy for the participants.

Community Drop-In

Wednesday and Thursday from 1-3

Drop into our office for a chat, snacks or anything else you may need! Laundry facilities,  a full shower and and community closet are available during this time.

Youth Drop-In

Thursdays from 3:30 - 5:30

Drop into our office for a chat, snacks, crafts and more. We have laundry, a full bath and a community closet available during this time as well.

Compassionate Boundaries

This workshop explores how to set healthy boundaries, what healthy boundaries can look like, and what to do when those boundaries are violated or unmet. It also teaches the complexities of compassionate communication and differences in learning styles. Using restorative approaches, this comprehensive program explores all aspects of boundaries and how it relates to gender through discussions, activities, and strength-based teachings.

Options to Anger

Program for those seeking to identify options and strategies to addressing anger and determining triggers. Using a feminist approach, the program reinforces the fact that anger is an emotion with options and techniques on how to express anger in healthy manners. Furthermore, the program is designed to help clients explore the reasons for anger and rage.

Wellness Workbooks

Continuous - Province Wide

Looking to improve your wellness? Our peer-led wellness kits are available by donation and include various worksheets and activities, with most supplies included. You can also order additional add-ons to enhance your experience. Start your journey towards a healthier lifestyle today! Contact us for more info.

Stitch N Bitch

Every second Thursday from 6-8

Pre-register or drop in to our bi-weekly stitch n bitch. We have snacks and some great conversation! You can bring your own supplies and projects, or you can use the supplies provided as well

Queer Code

Mondays from 3:30 - 5:30

A safe space for queer youth to engage with peers and queer mentors with informational sessions, guest speakers, snacks and more.


Tuesdays from 1-3

Drop in crafting! Bring your own or make the seasonal craft of the week. Snacks are available or bring your own food during your lunch break.

Elevate Mom & Me

A program building and strengthening connection on all levels, between those who identify as daughter and mother / caregiver. The programs focus is to find similarities and strengths, understanding, commitment, respect, and trust between both parties through a variety of bonding activities and discussions. The program has been recently modified and contains a section on sex vs gender and creating healthy spaces at home for discussions and discovering authentic identity.

Our Services

The following services are just a baseline for what we offer, we can tailor each individual support to each individual's needs. If you have more questions please reach out to your nearest office or outreach location, or email Darcie, at / 1.902.897.0852

Peer Support

At ElevateHer we have employees and volunteers with a wide range of lived experiences. We offer One-on-one peer support as well as support during community drop-ins and specialized programming.

Court Support

In partnership with E-Fry, ElevateHer employees can aid in your court process, ranging from gathering documentation to attending physical court dates.

Youth Support

At ElevateHer we have youth-specific programs weekly, as well as outreach workers to help you outside of the office including meeting with you for support, taking you to appointments, advocacy work, and more.

Group Support

At ElevateHer we create programs to help support you and fellow community members. Topics can range from casual drop-ins to goal oriented structured programming.

Family Support

At ElevateHer we offer family programs and One-on-one peer support for your self and your family's needs. The majority of our services can be altered to fit you families needs.

Employment Support

At ElevateHer we offer an EmployHer Program that walks you through employment skills, alternatively, we can help you one-on-one with resume building, interview clothing, distributing resumes and more.

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