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How to Support the BIPOC Community

What is the BIPOC Community and How Can You Support BIPOC Communities?

The BIPOC community is a community that belongs to the Black, Indigenous peoples, people of colour, and any other groups who are marginalised. Individuals within the BIPOC community have been subjected to increased mental health issues due to racial trauma, have experienced socioeconomic gaps, have had or have a lack of access to mental health resources or adequate mental health resources, and have experienced a lack of representation within the media and in real-life situations.

What are some of the issues that those in the BIPOC Community Face?

Individuals in this community may also be subjected to discrimination such as having no insurance for physical and mental health care, no health equity due to their ethnicicty, inadequate health care that can increase death rates amoungst discriminated peoples, these individuals are more subjected to mistreatment due to their race, opression, biases, higher death rates due to racism, racial stigma, and many other forms of discrimination.

Those in the BIPOC community may see getting medical help (such as therapy) for mental health issues as not being warranted or as a sign of weakness. For example, those in the black community have a very strong sense of resilience for overcoming past issues, such as slavery, which then influences many in this community to be resiliant and in some cases aviod the help that they need because they wish to avoid being seen as “weak” for getting such help. When necessary mental health aid is avoided it can lead to that mental health issue or issues developing into more serious situations, and in some cases, situations that can lead to individuals passing away.

Other individuals in this community, such as those who are Hispanic, see mental health issues as physical ones. This means that they could see depression as a bad headache and then seek out medical attention in order to avoid this pain. This may cause doctors in the medical health profession to deny medical care to Hispanic individuals or think that they are being funny, when in fact this is a very serious issue to Hispanic individuals and as a whole.

How Can I Support BIPOC Communities?

Ways in which you can help and support those who are in the BIPOC communities are to donate to charitable organisations who strive to make a difference in the lives of those in the BIPOC community, purchase goods from those who are members of the BIPOC community, support businesses owned my BIPOC individuals, correct others when they make racist jokes/remarks/or are incorrect about a specific BIPOC group, educate others on those in this community, educate yourself and remain up to date on issues surrounding the BIPOC community, become an ally and stay up to date with what alliship means for those in this community, listen to people in the BIPOC community and work to understand and appreciate them, as well as so many other great ways to support this community. Supporting BIPOC individuals their community is crucial to ending racial discrimination, inequality, stigmas, biases, and mistreatment towards these individuals all arcoss the globe.

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